The Color of Taiki Town


What Color Represents Tokyo/Singapore?
This visual analysis teaches us how we perceive a place differently. it’s also interesting to know that even from one aspect of a spatial component like color, there is a potential to evoke individual memories and lifestyles. In Taiki Town, climatic conditions and natural environment seem to be the key factor of defining the visual identity. We wondered, then how will “we” answer the same question we asked in Taiki Town. What color represents Tokyo and Singapore, and why?
The reason for this answer is actually more important than the color itself. The colors seen in cities include; facades of buildings, people’s fashion, cars, street trees, etc., representing the vibrancy and liveliness. When we close our eyes and imagine the cityscapes of Tokyo or Singapore, typical things come to your mind will be objects that are; artificial, large, and commonly seen in any other cities as well. In other words, these objects are all something that we can hardly associate any personal stories. And, the appearance and colors of cities are determined by other mechanism, which is totally different from Taiki Town’s case, such as the will to stand out from others, freedom of expression, or economic constraints (e.g. cheap paint). Again, if we acknowledge that cities are not only for humans, then how do urban birds and insects see our urban environments?

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