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この講義について | About

This is a hands-on lecture to grasp the nature and characteristics of video, audio, devices, and the communication that binds them together through simple implementation, and to gain a toolbox of digital media by being able to actually move your hands and do prototyping.

9次元郵便局 | 9D Post Office

This is a device that divides the space of a distant "somewhere" into blocks and brings a part of it to the "here and now. By sending a message to myself in the here and now as someone who is somewhere else, this work makes me feel that somewhere else is more real.

どこでもプランター | Planter Everywhere
オンライン植物育成システム。植物を育てたい人と、土地を貸してくれる人をマッチングし、ユーザーが遠隔で植物の状況を監視。水やりなどの世話をできる。(企画・制作 宇多峻佑)

Online plant growth system. The system matches people who want to grow plants with people who are willing to lend them land, and allows users to remotely monitor the status of the plants. Users can monitor the plants remotely and take care of them, such as watering.(Created by Shunsuke Uda)

つながる | Connect
インタラクティブな映像を通して、当事者感覚を体験するための仕組み。プロトタイプでは、身体の動きとストーリー展開を連動させる作品と、そこに参加する人の反応を可視化する試みをおこなった。(企画・制作 夏目幸奈)

A system for experiencing a sense of involvement through interactive images. In the prototype, we attempted to visualize the reactions of the people participating in the work, which links their physical movements to the storyline.(Created by Yukina Natsume)

家に帰ろう | Go Home
家に帰れない人が現在もいて、そのもどかしさを伝えるゲーム型作品。アイテムを拾いながら、家というゴールを目指すのみならず、帰りの道程も準備し、プレイヤーに振り返ることを意識させる。(企画・制作 先崎駿太)

This is a game-type work that conveys the frustration that some people still feel today when they cannot go home. While picking up items, it not only aims at the goal of home, but also prepares the way back, making the player aware of looking back.(Created by Shunta Senzaki)

無 | Nothingness

This is a sound game that aims to make "something" that catches the eye exist in the "nothing" that we want to convey. In order to subconsciously instill the message we wanted to convey, we introduced a design that makes "unimportant interesting things" stand out.

鏡 | Mirror

This interactive video aims to eliminate the feeling of loneliness through the experience of empathy. When the expression of the person experiencing the video changes, the person on the display also changes his or her expression in response.

目ノ戸 | Menoto
いつも見ていた景色、繋がっていたい景色など、もうひとつの場所と繋がるための窓。窓に別の風景を映し出すことで、忘れたくない光景を無意識の空気として日常に取り込むインターフェースである。(企画・制作 木村七音流)

A window to connect to another place, such as the scenery you always saw or the scenery you want to be connected to. By projecting a different landscape on the window, it is an interface that brings the scene you don't want to forget into your daily life as an unconscious air.(Created by Nairu Kimura)

心拍シンパシー | Heartbeat Sympathy
脈拍という生体情報を「自分の思い」と見立て、それを共有し、重ね合うことで、疎外感を和らげるサウンドインスタレーション。可聴化した脈動を重ね合い、様々なハーモニーを奏でる。(企画・制作 楊弘毅)

This is a sound installation in which the biological information of the pulse is regarded as "one's thoughts," and by sharing and overlapping them, a sense of alienation is alleviated. Various harmonies are created by overlapping the audible pulses. (Created by Yang Hongyi)

無題 | Untitled
正確な情報をわかりやすく伝えるため、地理情報システムを用いた可視化システムを構築した。様々に配信されているPDFから情報を読み取り、地図にプロットすることで、復興の度合いを可視化した。(企画・制作 和田一宏)

In order to convey accurate information in an easy-to-understand manner, we constructed a visualization system using a geographic information system. By reading information from various PDF files and plotting it on a map, the degree of recovery was visualized.(Created by Kazuhiro Wada)

ジブンブンシン | My Alter Ego
現在と過去をつなぐコミュニケーションを促すインタラクティブ映像。ディスプレイを5分割し、各ブロックに映る人を収録・アーカイブ化して、過去の体験者と相互作用する仕組み。(企画・制作 稲富翔伍)

An interactive video that encourages communication between the present and the past. The display is divided into five blocks, and the people in each block are recorded and archived to interact with past experiencers.(Created by Shogo Inadomi)

がうしあんフィルター | Cowssian Filter
「いのちを見つけに行く」をコンセプトに、はっきりとは見えないものを見る動作を促すウェブアプリ。あえてぼかした風景写真をクリック・タップすると、ズームしながら画像がクリアになる。(企画・制作 河野奏人)

A web app that encourages the act of looking at things that are not clearly visible, based on the concept of "going to find life. By clicking and tapping on a daringly blurred landscape photo, the image becomes clearer while zooming in.(Created by Kanato Kono)

痛みや無力感から、強い志をもって努力している今を表現する、デバイス・映像連動型作品。水飲み場に水を流したり、汲んだりするアクションをトリガーとして、映像内の桜が発展してゆく。(企画・制作 洪浩然)

This is a device- and video-linked work that expresses the present moment, when people are striving to overcome pain and helplessness with strong aspirations. The action of pouring or drawing water from a water fountain triggers the development of the cherry blossoms in the video.(Created by Hong Haoran)

1 bit caring
遠くから、微かに「アテンション」を送ることで、疎外感を解消しようとする遠隔デバイス。ウェブサイトから帰還困難区域の鐘を鳴らすと同時に、アクセスした人の場所をログしてゆく。(企画・制作 若杉茜)

A remote device that tries to relieve the feeling of alienation by sending a faint "attention" from a distance. It rings the bell of the difficult-to-return area from the website, and at the same time logs the location of the person who accessed it.(Created by Akane Wakasugi)

東日本大震災から既に 10 年以上が経過しており、細かいことが忘れられつつある。特に いま帰還困難区域の近くに住む人々の生活の実態について。 このプロトタイプでは、さまざまな音を利用して、ユーザーを福島県浪江町に辿ろうとし ています。最初ユーザーはいくつかの音しかきこえませんか、音源に近づくと、音に関連 するシーンが表示されます。この空間で、ユーザーは震災に関する思い出だけでなく、地 元の実際の生活についても体験することができます。(企画・制作 Ziyang FENG)

It has been over a decade since the Great East Japan earthquake, some detailed things in this disaster are being forgotten, especially the real life of people living near difficult-to-return zones. In this prototype, I try to bring users to Namie Town, one of the towns in Fukushima, mainly by using various sound effects. User can only hear some sound effects at first, but related scenes of the sound effects would appear when user approach the audio source. Users can experience not only memories about that disaster, but also something about local real life.(Created by Ziyang FENG)

屋内外に張られた弦が、空間を悉く箏(こと)化する。その場所の履歴は悉く音に変換され、響きとともに記憶の中に刻まれていく。(企画・制作 徳山想)

The strings strung both indoors and outdoors transform every space into a koto (Japanese stringed instrument). The history of the place is converted into sound, and its echoes are engraved in our memories.(Created by So Tokuyama)

1 bit caring
人の痕跡を光として空間に残し、その痕跡が景色の一部になっていく。ベンチに設置されたyoin lightが人々の動きを捉え、過去・現在・未来と時を超えて小さなコミュニケーションを生みだす。(企画・制作 天谷太一)

This light gradually brightens when a person sits down and gradually goes out over time after the person leaves. It retains people’s traces in space, which become part of the landscape. We can capture the movement of people in the city and direct urban design to the next stage.(Created by Taichi Amaya)